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Edmund-Gerhard Schruempf

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My name is ED and I help to exploit chances and mitigate risks.

Not all, admittedly. But most. Edmund-Gerhard Schruempf

To be more precise: ED advices enterprises at large projects, especially in the areas of organisation, EDP or logistics.

Ideally you trust ED before starting the large-scale project. In this case ED can contribute to avoid problems developing.

When a project gets critical inclination, ED is prepared to support you.

However, if a large-scale project fails and your enterprise comes into serious difficulties, it could quite happen that you need ED as an expert engaged by the court.

Call ED just in time! Certified Management Consultant

Yours sincerely
Edmund-Gerhard Schruempf, CMC
Sworn expert on information processing
Certified and appointed by the Regional Court of Styria


  Expert Constantinus I2B   University of Applied Sciences Business Studies