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Edmund-Gerhard Schruempf

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Phases of a project
Operational Area CEE


Supported Phases in a Project  

ED breaks new ground together with his clients organizational and technical, in order to lead
critical change projects to success in organisation, EDP and logistics during difficult phases.

Tasks in different phases of a project

Edmund-Gerhard Schruempf and his co-workers are generalists, who have gathered experience
over decades, overview and a precise objective.

Detail knowledge is acquired again and again, and if necessary specialists are included.

ED covers certain areas with specific empirical values and detail knowledge:
  • Power Supply and Energy Utility Companies,
  • Multinational Retail Chains,
  • Micro-elektronic, Food and Paper Industry,
  • Public Administration & E-Government,
  • Agriculture and Forrest

Operational Area: CEE  
Geographically the operational area of ED is extending from the EC Authorities in Brussels over the German speaking area till Italy and Croatia. The work in this area is based on the knowledge of the languages, the historical and current development, and on being informed up to date.

Projects in Europe

In some technologies ED has gathered voluminous knowledge, esspecially in:
  • Invitation for Tender
  • System and Requirement Engineering,
  • Methodology for Projects
  • EDP (Electronical Data Processing)
  • Relational Data Bases,
  • Information Architecture

with Siemens, SBS, IBM, CapGemini, EDS, HP, ORACLE etc