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Selection of Projects

  • Project co-ordinator for the conversion of power suppliers to the liberalisierten energy market with exchange of the billing systems, establishment of CRM and a new call center, reorganization of the enterprise processes parallelly to business aquisitions fusions, introduction (ESTAG).
  • Leader of the project "Standardized Production Report System in the Microchip Production" (AustriaMicroSystems)
  • Responsible for the Information Archtectur of the co-ordination of the entire European Space Research and Development as a member of an international team (ESA)
  • Draft and realization of "Knowledge Management for Legal Compliance in Hydro-electric Power Plants" for the compliance with laws, ecological and economic execution of test tasks from laws, decisions of the public administration and other standards (Verbund AG, in the employment with all 88 hydro-electric power plants).
  • Introduction of a Geographical Information Systems for power utilities for the calculation of net costs, connection costs and investment budgeting (STEWEAG, Pichlerwerke Weiz).
  • In the planning team for the public administration of the European Union-conformal Austrian agriculture promotion (BMLF)
  • Syndicate member during the restructuring of a regional power supply firm (STEWEAG)
  • Restructuring of the personal and task administration of the Ministry of Sccience with subordinate departments (BMWFK)
  • Conversion of the largest austrian food retail group to a new organization and technical infrastructure (managing director Billa service company, locations in 5 states and over 1200 branches).
  • Rationalization -, logistics and computer science strategy studies for large-scale enterprises.
  • Quality assurance for projects of the Ministry of Science; advisor, consultant and representative of the ministry in further software projects (BMWFK, Steierm. LR, University of Graz, Leoben, Klagenfurt, ...)
  • Different research projects of private and public clients (Math. methods, geographical information systems, geographical cost accounting, visualization, statistics)
  • Prototype development and feasibility studies with new information technology (management and geo information systems, InterNet/Intranet, etc..)
  • Introduction and integration of standard software for the account system, assets management, accounting of energy, transportation optimization, etc..

Details of the projects are available on request depending on the privacy agreements of the project.